Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

Don't know why it is posting this under Saturday, but this is Monday...
How nice it was to have a long weekend! Of course, now we are spoiled having DH here with us for so long! We will have to get used to the work week again! We did quite a bit, but the lawn turned out to be too much for us! The front yard is ready to be attacked by the tiller, but the back yard is proving to be a bit harder because of the vine-like weeds growing back there, but we made great progress there, and the errands mostly got done. So, here's how we did...
Mow (this is 2/3rds done, but proved to be a bit much)
Rake (this is also 2/3rds done)
Spread amendments
Till again
Level and re-grade
Start removing Pepper tree roots and digging up sprinkler head

Kohls--returns & cookie sheets (Yea! for Kohl's cash!)
WM/Target--nightlights/tums (heartburn is not conducive to sleep!)
Post Office--mail book out
Toyota--get 2nd set of keys
Downtown--pick up table and chairs (Sunday)
GW & TS--drop off donations
Home Depot (twice)--amendments, flags, hardware, tiller
Michaels--return box

Wash curtains and trash cans
List books on Amazon
Drill bigger holes in bookcase

Hang bathroom cabinet
Finish cleaning bathrooms
Went through all books and cleaned each bookcase
Cleaned drawer under stove and organized baking supplies
The rest of the time we spent running and playing in the yard and vacuuming up all the dirt and leaves that made it into the house afterward! =) Hope you had a great weekend too!

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