Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday at Home

 I find it so wonderful to be at home some days.  Yesterday was spent out almost all day.  After those busy days, an at home day feels so wonderful.  I just wanted to share some tidbits of the day ...

First, my baby cat all tucked up at the foot of my bed.  She always looks so cosy that it is really hard to disturb her to make the bed.  But, I love to stop when I find her here just for a quick snuggle.  A small moment of calm in my day.  She is snuggled up next to me now as I type.
Nothing quite so nice as a cat to snuggle with!

And here is another "calm" moment from today.  Tea at 4pm with Dawn.   
Of course, as it goes in this house, I no sooner was snuggled and comfy in my chair with my book then I found my lap covered in children with their own books and wants for cookies.  So, my tea turned into our tea, and I still haven't had a chance to read any of my book, but it was a wonderful time to focus on those little ones while watching the light fade outside and a nice way to welcome the end of the day.

And lastly, on the menu today, skillet beef stew.  Wonderful on a blustery day like today!  (I think it was a freezing 55 out there today!  ;)  Well, I'm off!  My turn came to bring Downton Abbey home from the library and while I've seen all the episodes, I'm super excited to watch the special features!

Take care!