Saturday, January 15, 2011

Creating for My Girl...

Hi! Alison at oopsey-daisy is celebrating her 1 year blogiversary and is having a linky party of everyone's favorite projects. Now, if you do not know oopsey-daisy, you must run over there and check it out! It is one of my favorite crafty blogs and I am a daily reader. She has some fabulous ideas and links to more great ones. And a lot of those links and projects that are doable with young kids, which in this house really makes my day!
I thought I would join her celebration and do a post about a project I worked on a bit ago for my baby girl's bedroom...oh, how much fun is it to have a girl to craft for?! Anyway, I was looking for a lamp and saw a picture of a butterfly mobile and decided that I could easily craft one myself. I loosely based it on a tutorial I found here.

75 hand cut butterflies later...I love it! My baby love loves it. And it entertains her when I have to change the diaper, which is always a good thing! =)

Thanks Alison for your blog and for your inspiration!!! Here's to another year of craftiness!

I am also linking this post up at Just A Girl. If you have not been over there to see all the goodness, you have to check it out! Her painting tips are encouraging me to tackle something I would never have thought about doing otherwise...paint a big Ikea desk I scored on Craigslist! I am sure my husband only wishes she had tips for procrastination...I've been "painting" this desk for 4 months now...(my procrastination comes in the form of an adorable 9 month her cuteness takes the sting off a bit!)

Have a great weekend. I'll be painting and scrapping! My idea of heaven. =)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am taking the Ordiments of Everyday Life class at Big Picture Classes. I have to say that the first couple days I hated it. The first few assignments are to gather specific products and put them aside and then gather specific photos and put them aside. You do not know which products go with which photos and how until the page ideas come later. This is totally different from the way I scrapbook (photos+color) and totally different from the way I want to scrapbook (photos+story), but after seeing my tray fill with color I got excited!
And realizing that I was pulling photos out that I would NEVER scrapbook if it weren't for this class (but that I would like scrapped) got me addicted. This is the first layout done for this class with this method...
Love it! Can not wait to see what else comes of this and I am actually quite enjoying being so far out of my comfort zone! Love BPC!!!