Friday, February 12, 2010

Hello Weekend!

Boy! Now that DH is done with grad school, we spend most of our weekend trying to cram as much household work in as possible. This weekend being a four day weekend, we have a lot going on! I thought I would take a page from Molly's book over at My Happy House and post what we have going on this weekend and see how much we get done!

(keep in mind that with a very active two year old, and a baby belly that grows larger and heavier by the second, I swear! we may be just a bit ambitious in our plans!) However, we are off to a great start!
Spread amendments
Till again
Level and re-grade

Kohls--returns & cookie sheets (Yea! for Kohl's cash!)
WM/Target--nightlights/tums (heartburn is not conducive to sleep!)
Post Office--mail book out
Toyota--get 2nd set of keys
Downtown--pick up table and chairs (Sunday)
GW & TS--drop off donations
Home Depot (twice)--amendments, flags, hardware, tiller

Wash curtains and trash cans
List books on Amazon
Drill bigger holes in bookcase
Hang bathroom cabinet
Finish cleaning bathrooms

See? Told you we were ambitious! I'll let you know on Monday how much we get done!
Have a great weekend!

Go team Go!!!

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