Sunday, August 23, 2009


I love to garage sale/thrift, and I got out twice this weekend to the thrift stores. Garage sales are scarce in our neck of the woods =(. I am excited to share with you what I found!
A shirt for my baby (he's two) from the clearance rack, and a fall sign to decorate with. Fall is definitely in the air... I snatched this up as quick as I could, a beautiful lap quilt that is all hand embroidered and hand quilted. For $5! Nuff said!
The thrift store down the street from us is a great place to find quilts! I found this one a few weeks ago, all hand quilted, with lace insets, and trim and appliques, for $6! It has a couple stains that need to come out, but nothing a little baking soda won't fix, and it will probably be a backyard quilt anyway...

I also found this skirt that I looooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeee for $8. It's Liz Clayborne.

And, no trip to the thrift store is complete without buying some books. One sweet one on the home filled with poetry and cute stories, and the other my favorite find of the weekend--an original Nancy Drew. (the modern ones have been edited a lot you know). I want to collect these, but have never seen them in the stores, only lusted over them on ebay. Yay! And, it was only $2.50!

I love love love thrift stores! Oh, and the thrift store karma was good to me. I also got Trivia Pursuit for $1.50. My DH and I had been talking the night before about how we needed on in our house!
Hope your thrifting was as fun as mine! Have a great weekend!

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