Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Makin' Lists

Hi! I'm still here...just mentally occupied elsewhere. We spent all of July out of town, visiting family, going to the lake, doing some sight seeing, and celebrating one special wedding, five wonderful years of marriage, and one important birthday. By the time we got home and unearthed from the piles of laundry that grew while we were gone, all I wanted to do was sit. And be home, ya' know? Get back into our routines, our life. Of course, that only lasted about a day. Travel changes you. Doesn't matter where you go or how long you have been gone, in some ways you come back different. This trip really affected my eyesight. I began noticing things about my house and how we live that I had never really paid attention to before. Like how dirty a house gets in a month! Or pieces of furnicher in the wrong spot, or that I don't even like anymore! Pictures that need to move, a lamp that needs to be changed out, routines that need to be different, new experiences I want to capture in our day to day life. So, I have been making lists. I love lists. Seeing life all spelled out on paper ready to go gets me excited for what is coming. It helps me be able to visualize the changes that I want and how to best achieve them. Of course, none of those changes can happen until you put your nose to the grind-stone and get to work! I'm sure that I will post about some of those changes soon...until then, I gotta go find a pen!!!

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