Monday, September 7, 2009

Lingering Summer

As a mid-westerner turned California-girl, I usually hate this time of year. As everyone I love pulls out hats and gloves, jeans and sweaters, and starts decorating with colored leaves, and scarecrows, I am dealing with heat. Lots of heat. Last week it was 104 degrees. And did I mention I don't have air conditioning? Yeah. Feeling sorry for me yet? =) 104 is hot with no air. Instead of fighting it this year, I have decided to go with it. Our summer was busy, busy, busy and it feels like we didn't get to do summer. Just live through it. So, I vow to walk right past those tempting Fall and Halloween aisles, and ignore my sweaters (okay, my one sweater. Used in December. For one day.) and instead I am lingering over summer. I think there will be pools, and beaches, a new water park, and ice cream. Lots of ice cream! And in October maybe it will be cool enough for me to pretend that its fall! Maybe... ;)

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