Friday, June 19, 2009


As my toddler turns into a pre-schooler, I started thinking about re-decorating his room, getting a big boy bed, etc. As we are big fans of the alphabet song right now, I thought it would be fun to create a chair rail boarder with the alphabet. I was thinking of cutting the letters out of wallpaper so that they would be colorful, and have different patterns on them, but fate decided to decorate for me! I happened upon some Alphabet wall "stickers" at Kmart for $3 and could not turn it down! Here's what the room looked like before...

Boring, right? Here is the after...

I can not believe how cute it is, or how easy and fast it was to do! And my son loves it! He goes over to the wall now, pointing to the letters and singing the ABCs! Cute and educational! Love it!
Of course, you know what that means now right? There is a big, sad, empty space over the changing table....I think Target has some Safari "stickers" on clearance....I guess I'll see you later! =)

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