Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Creative Couponing!

I love coupons!!! I love couponing!!! I have to admit that I have become a coupon snob, and if I leave the store without having saved at least $30 I am very depressed! However, I hate coupon organizers. I love filing coupons, so I started with this organizer...
I use one for food items and one for 'drug' items. It is a nice holder, but a few things about it really bugged me. Small things really...you have to fold a double coupon in half in order for it to fit and when you get wide coupons they hide the category title making it hard to file coupons away. Luckily, fate--in the form of my cutie-pie eating machine called a dog--intervened and I was down an organizer. What to do? Well, dust off my sewing machine and try to put one together myself. Here's the result...
I love it! I used the one I have as a model, found fabric remnants at WalMart, put some interfacing between them to make it a bit stiffer, and sewed them together with bias tape. It was so easy and a great beginners project! This is the first completed sewing project that my machine has seen, so I am quite proud, and don't even care about the little imperfections that are there. Oh, and it only took an hour and a half!

I made the dividers from file folders by cutting them and extra half inch wide and then cutting out the tabs. I have a new favorite tool--a corner rounder--that made things all pretty, and I am in business! It is so easy to file away my coupons now, and the pride that comes from being able to use something that I made is incredible!

Sewing, it works for me!!! Well, I should be paying bills right now--or sleeping--so I leave you with one more look...
and an encouragement: if you have something boring to do and you would like a tool of procrastination go over to weareTHATfamily.com and check out this weeks "Works for Me Wednesday" there are always tons of great tips and they are worthy of a good hour or two of "productive" procrastination!!!


  1. You did a great job, and that sure looks nicer than any store-bought coupon holder!
    Sewing works for me, too!

  2. This is so inventive! I can never work with premade coupon holders. They usually don't have enough categories for me!


  3. What a great idea and you did such a good job making it!

    I need to organize several things around here, and I am going to start with this.