Thursday, May 14, 2009

Project Procrastination Party--The After: Part One

Well, hard to believe, but two weeks have past since I joined up with Melissa's Procrastination Party at The Inspired Room, and I have no idea where the time went! Oh, okay, maybe I do...I spent most of it here:

I found book one and two at the thrift store down the street for two dollars and am hooked! I am at the end of the second one and anxiously waiting to see how Father Tim proposes to Cynthia and am going to pay another visit to the thrift store to see if they have the third one, you never know, I may get lucky.

I have not forgotten about my projects (the sprinker cover and composter) and am happy to report that my composter is nearly finished. All I need is worms! (more on that below). My cover, however, is another story and has me learning a lot about how wood splits when you drill into it, how hard wood is very difficult to work with, and how buying a trim piece to nail on as a side was not really the best decision! We'll make a trip to the hardware store this weekend, so be on the look out for this project in the near future. In the meantime, here is all you wanted to know about an easy composter:

I got this idea from a local Parenting magizine around Earth Day, and thought that it would be fun to try. While we don't really have a lawn or a garden right now (ha!) I plan to in the future and would love to add my own compost to the mix. While getting started, I found better plans here, and those are the directions I am following to make it. I bought two 18 gallon bins from Target. To these bins, I drilled 20 holes in the bottom of each (1/4 in), about thirty holes along the sides of each bin (1/16in), and then thirty holes on one top (1/16in). I then shreaded a bunch of newspaper in preparation for my worms.

I could go to the bait shop and buy worms, but the instructions say that if you leave a wet piece of cardboard on the ground overnight, you will have worms in the morning as they come out to feast on the cardboard, so I am going to try that. I'll tell you how it works tomorrow!

Until then, I have two more chapters left and then I'm off shopping!!!

Congratulations on everyone who finished their projects, to see more and to be really inspired to create or finish a project of your own, head over to and thanks Melissa for hosting this and encouraging us to get something done!

Update: It's finished!!!! Click here to see...


  1. I think you'll be reporting good things by morning. The Mitford series is such fun. You can recognize every character for I believe that every town has one of each.

  2. Well at least you got started on your projects. I did too. And we are not alone. I think those that completely finished their projects are the minority. Good luck with the worms. I hate worms.

  3. Not bad! we just wait worms & your project is well done.


  4. I've thought too about starting a new composter....I'll check back to see how it works! Great idea!

  5. What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a thoughtful project, good for you. You know a whole lot more than I do about composting. When I grew up we composted but we were in the country and just had a pile and had to keep turning it. You may not be done but you are farther along than you were two weeks ago and that matters a lot.

  7. I'm so glad you joined in, that is a great project!!