Thursday, April 30, 2009

Project Procrastinators Party

Melissa over at The Inspired Room is hosting a Project Procrastinators Party! I love this because I always have something that needs to be finished! Here is my project, and pop over to The Inspired Room for more inspiration to get things done this weekend!

As an early Christmas present, my family went to the pound and adopted a dog. A super cute, high energy, crazy dog. The first thing he did when we brought him home was to eat all the wires connecting up our sprinkler system--a few days after we planted grass in the yard! Since then, I have been meaning to make a cover to fit over it so that he can not do it again and we can get the system up and running (we are fond of our grass you know!). A week or so ago I went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (these are great stores!) and got a bunch of old wood and some screening to make my cover, but life has interfered! Grad school assignments, work projects, children, bills, laundry, and the handy excuse of the saw not being charged up meant that work on my box has stalled. Not anymore! Time to get this done! I'll be sure to post the end result.
The other project that is started but not finished is the compost bin that I am putting together using two 18 gallon storage tubs I got from Target. For this project, I have to figure out how to buy worms! So this weekend I will be finishing up that project as well.

Can't believe it is the weekend already! Hope you have fun getting some of those 'to do's done!


  1. I'm so glad you got a rescue dog! We got our Golden Retriever from the pound 8 years ago and couldn't be happier. Good luck on that project

    Are you using your bins for vermicomposting or do you just mean worms for regular compost? You can find red wigglers at your local bait shop or online- has worms for sale.


  2. Worms, Ewww! Yes I know they are good for soil and compost but they are icky.
    My old dog ate everything, the yard, her bed, the yard again. But they are just so wonderful that you forgive them quickly.
    This will be so nice when we all get something done and you have two projects, wow.

  3. Oh no on the doggie! Glad you have a solution, thanks for joining in with me!