Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Little Voice

Where does your heart want to take you?

This morning I had coffee with a great gal, she is wise, funny, and energetic. She is put together, organized, and ambitious. This gal is me! Well, my inner self anyway.

We all have that little voice inside our heads giving us direction, encouraging us to try something new, trying to clue us in to living a life based on our heart priorities and not the wants of the world. Often, this little voice gets ignored as bills have to be paid, dogs have to be fed, and life moves forward. Yet, if this little voice continues to be ignored, the life we move forward into becomes something else. Listening to all the voices of the world pulls us instead toward someone else’s life, not our own. Instead of making our choices and decisions based on what we want and value we let others make them for us. If we want a lingering life, we must base this life on what we want, what we value, and in order to know this, we must have a chat with the little voice. We must stop and listen to the little voice.

My little voice reminds me that family is the only important thing, that developing those relationships is all that matters in this lifetime. My little voice directs me to: plant roses, learn knitting, can pears, make jam, keep your house clean and neat so you have time for other more important (and fun!) things, be active, make a to do list and cross things off, read more of that good book, stop watching television (okay, except Dancing with the Stars!), get outside a bit everyday, and always tell your family you love them—as much as possible.
When you listen to the little voice, you find so much more pleasure to your life than you thought possible. It may not be an easy life, it may not be a low stress life, or a pain-free life, but the enjoyment gleaned from it increases immeasureably when listening to the little voice.

What is your little voice telling you?

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