Friday, May 15, 2009

Project Procrastination Party--The End!!!

Well, I tried to 'harvest' worms last night by laying wet pieces of cardboard on the ground. Nope, no dice. I am sure that the fact that my lawn is dead has nothing to do with it, and don't want to know what this says about my soil! =/
Anyway, a trip to the bait shop, and three dollars later and we are in business!
Then all I had to do was put it together.

The lid without holes goes on the bottom, and I put two big bricks on that to lift the composter off the ground. Then, one tub in which I put four small bricks at each corner. The other tub goes on top of that. I got my newspaper nice and wet, rung the extra water out, put that in the tub with a bunch of old leaves, some dirt, and my new friends! I buried some food for them under all the newspaper, covered it all with some wet cardboard and put the lid on.

Now, I am not a worm person, but I am fasinated by this, and wish that the sides were glass like an ant farm so that I could watch them do their thing. (but not really, cuz the bin has to be dark for them). Anyway, in about three months I should have compost so stay tuned! That is, as long as my crazy dog doesn't eat the whole thing, which might happen, we'll see!

It will be nice to go to bed tonight with a "project complete" thought running through my head.

If only I can now fix my sprinkler cover! Tomorrow....

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  1. Good for you for completing this project! Good luck with your composter!