Monday, October 4, 2010

Right Now...

HEARING--The hum of the washer and the buzz of the dryer. Gotta love a good wash day!

SEEING--My dog standing at the back door whining to be let out so he can bury his bone. Not gonna happen!

COOKING--Mac and Cheese for dinner, I think!

CRAFTING--Piecing a quilt top for a Christmas present! Never too early to start thinking about Christmas.
Also working on a photo album scrapbook of our trip to Japan.

THINKING--That if I want to live a more centered and mindful life I need more quiet and solitude in which to process and think through things. Hmmmm, where am I gonna get that!?!?

PLANNING--A shopping trip and getting ready for Halloween!!!

HOPING--To be able to go to the lake today for a walk and to see the ducks.

OUTSIDE--It's gray and foggy right now, but I bet that will burn off by this afternoon. Perfect morning for getting things done!

INSIDE--The house is still waking up and greeting the day. There's a nice peace in that!

Happy Monday! =)

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